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Sabah Ali and Dan Tieman two college students who are bringing value every Wednesday and Friday. Where they talk about their lifestyles as college students while handling a business. They interview some of the top millennial entrepreneurs who are just of college so they can give advice to the listeners.
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Apr 21, 2017

Our Guest:


JR Rivas is a 22 year old millennial who went to college for a couple years and started a tax business at the age of 18. After selling his business and realizing he wanted to do something different he found the love of digital marketing. Now he helps clients with their business run Facebook ads and click funnels.




From starting a tax business at the age of 18 to switching gears in becoming a digital marketer and gaining 10K a month, today we have our guest JR Rivas.


A few highlights of what you will hear:


  • JR’s journey from how he got started.
  • Starting a tax business.
  • How to sell a business.
  • Joining a business with a franchiser
  • Going into the digital marketing field.
  • How to gain and connect with potential clients.
  • Starting a podcast show.
  • What clickfunnels are.
  • Struggles he had to start his digital marketing business.
  • Launching products.

Impactful Quotes from JR:


“I was able to figure it out and make a full time living from it, so it’s been a great ride so far.”


“I got a student loan and then used that to finance my business.”


“It was a low barrier to entry business so you could start it up with relatively inexpensively.”


“All you needed was a space, an office, and a couple of computers.”


“I had this office, but I had no money for rent.”


“I started listening to podcasts because I just begun to find out about the podcasting world on iTunes.”


“My first client ever was my friend who I convinced to give me a little money for doing work for him.”


“You are building someone else's business constantly when you could just be building your own.”

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